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Eva Abel

I became a licensed clinical psychologist in 2010, after receiving my Psy.D. from Antioch University in New Hampshire. Before starting graduate school, I worked for two years as an ABA therapist for children with autism. During my educational journey, I worked in a variety of training settings including a college counseling center, outpatient therapy clinic, neuropsychology testing, and in a prenatal clinic working with women at risk for postpartum mental health struggles. Since becoming licensed, I worked in a few different group practices in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula, and I am looking forward to now embarking on the next part of my career with White Cloud Therapy in Williamsburg! 


I approach each client differently, depending on the needs of each person. My work tends to integrate elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, relational therapy, and mindfulness. Depending on the needs of the client, I can work in a short-term solution focused way, or the clinical work could be a more healing, long term process. I prefer to work with individuals (versus couples or families) and more specifically, with adolescents and adults. I approach each client from an open, authentically non-judgmental stance that I have been told can be felt deeply by each person. For many people, especially people coming from complex trauma, the most transforming and therapeutic elements of our clinical work is knowing and feeling fully accepted, heard, and loved and then learning how to turn the acceptance they feel in therapy towards their own self love and acceptance. Other clients, coming in from different backgrounds and for different reasons, might learn how to overcome crippling social anxiety through cognitive or behavioral techniques... or how to work through tough emotions related to a major crisis or transition in their life... or how to find more balance, meaning, or satisfaction in life. The journey awaits, and I look forward to accompanying you through the next part of your journey if you sense that we are a compatible therapeutic fit!

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