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Mary McGovern

You matter. Your goals, needs, passions and struggles are important and it’s my deep privilege to walk with you, whatever your path holds. With compassionate presence and mindful of your strengths and history we’ll work together to nourish insights, strategies, and resources that will best support you in overcoming difficulty and meeting life whole-heartedly. I come from a holistic, person centered, attachment and mindfulness-based approach in working with children, teens, and adults experiencing a wide range of life challenges. 


Trained in clinical social work, I have worked particularly closely with:

· Clients who have experienced trauma, domestic violence, grief, anxiety and depression. 

· Neurodiverse clients, including ADD/ADHD, sensory processing, and autism spectrum.

· Clients of diverse racial/ethnic, gender, and sexual identities.

I also have an acute appreciation for the importance of our ability to understand and connect with each other and bring a special passion to working with families struggling with parenting challenges and helping individuals foster healthy, supportive relationships. 


I am a deeply committed mindfulness practitioner, a certified mindfulness instructor, and a founding member of the Williamsburg Buddhist Sangha. I’m also actively involved in social and racial justice initiatives in the Historic Triangle area. 


I’d be honored to share your journey with you.

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